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3 Social Reasons Why you Should Buy Arewa Baobab

Baobab trees grow in 32 African countries, however, we get our Baobab from the Arewa region in Nigeria. The Arewa region is in the northern part of Nigeria where the vegetation is tropical savannah, vegetation that is ideal for the growth of Baobab trees. The trees in the Arewa region have existed for over 2000 years, so there are no fertilizers or chemicals involved in the growth of the trees, therefore the fruits and fruit powder are 100% organic and are harvested by hand by local women in communities across Arewa Nigeria. Our work with the women in these communities guarantee we are paying fair market value for our powder and helping these women generate revenue for the hard work and produce. Here are three social benefits to the community when you purchase Arewa Baobab:

Income during the dry season

The dry season in West Africa is a period where crops are not harvested, so market communities are not generating revenue, however, because Baobab fruit powder is harvested during the dry season, it gives these harvesters the ability to sell produce during a slow period. Purchasing the fruit and powder during this time helps these communities earn income year round.

Provision of job opportunities for women

In Northern Nigeria the women that harvest our Baobab dont have access to jobs due to a lack of industries in their communities. The ownership of Baobab trees creates job opportunities and income for their families. When we purchase Baobab from these communities, we are ensuring that they continue to have jobs and earn a living.

Guarantee Family Needs

Purchase of Baobab from Arewa helps families generate income that they can use to provide basic family needs such as food, education, and healthcare. The extreme poverty in these areas create an environment where access to basic needs is a challenge. Through our interaction and trade with these areas, Arewa Baobab ensures that women in these areas are generating enough money to provide basic needs for their families and their communities.

Arewa Baobab will continue to work closely with women in the Arewa region because we understand that the more successful our Baobab sales are, the more these communities that can come closer to economic independence.

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