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Studies have linked glucose lowering as one of the benefits of Baobab. This is primarily because of the high fibre and antioxidant properties. Baobab also contains essential electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Arewa Baobab has created a workout drink that will keep you energized during your workouts.

Baobab Electrolyte Drink


One 16 oz bottle of spring water

Two tablespoons of Arewa Baobab

One teaspoon of dark honey


Add all ingredients into a shaker bottle

Shake for thirty seconds

Drink during your workouts

Nutrition Facts

200 mg of Vitamin C

17 g of carbohydrates

6.6 g of Fibre

0.804 mg of Thiamine

30 mg of Calcium

0.554 mg of vitamin B6

780 mg of Pottasium

76 mg of Magnesium

0.376 mg of Manganese


Energy Boost

Workout recovery

Improve Hydration

Enhances vibrant skin

High antioxidant content

During workout and post workout drink

Reduces blood sugar spikes

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