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Coconut Baobab Drink


These days more people are giving up their Gatorade and other sugary drink because of the amount of sugar, and the need to cut down the amount of processed drinks in their diet. Well, Arewa Baobab has the perfect drink that replaces your electrolytes, provides key essential nutrients, prevents blood sugar spikes, and keeps your consumption of sugar at a much lower level.

Coconut Baobab Drink


One can of cold pure coconut water (with no sugar)

One tablespoon of Arewa Baobab

One teaspoon of dark honey


Add all ingredients into a blender

Blend for thirty seconds

Pour into water bottle

Nutrition Facts

140 mg of Vitamin C

12 g of carbohydrates

6.6 g of Fibre

0.804 mg of Thiamine

20 mg of Calcium

0.554 mg of vitamin B6

780 mg of Pottasium

76 mg of Magnesium

0.376 mg of Manganese

252 mg of Sodium

23 g of sugar


Improve Hydration

Enhances vibrant skin

High antioxidant content

During workout and post workout drink

Reduces blood sugar spikes

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